Why I got into SC Nutrition Ltd…

My name is Tori Leggott and I have been part of the SC Nutrition team since June 2019.

So a little about myself and what has inspired me to go down the path of a career in the agricultural industry. From a young age I have always been interested in animals, owning horses from a young age, getting stuck in mucking out never phased me. However a future in farming was never on my radar, especially since not having a farming family background.

However that all changed when I turned 16 and discovered young farmers! I was involved in Threemilestone YFC and loved it. Through this I managed to get myself a job working on a small family run dairy farm.

Since then I worked on that farm and other dairy & beef units for 7 years, all the while loving working with the cattle and farmers. I learnt a great deal from these experiences and the farmers I worked for, setting me on the path to continuing a career in the industry.

Now one of the things I did learn was that farmers work damn hard day in and day out not getting the appreciation they deserved. Therefore whilst studying for my degree in agriculture at Duchy College I searched for a role in the industry that would actually help and make a difference to farms, like the ones I worked on.

Long story short, I was given the opportunity to work for SC Nutrition Ltd and it has truly allowed me to do what I am passionate about and that is helping farmers to get the farms to where they want them, showing them the appreciation they deserve and hopefully make their life’s a little easier on the way.

And I also get to stroke a lot of cows too!!

So that was a little introduction about myself and why I got into farming.   I hope I get to hear your stories too!