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From its incorporation in April 2012, SC Nutrition Ltd was founded upon over 22 years’ experience within the dairy and livestock industry. By utilising this comprehensive knowledge within nutrition, feed, forage and farm management the team brings a new approach to dairy farming, embracing both traditional and innovative methods to ensure herds perform to their maximum potential, whether intensively managed or extensively grazed.

Recent studies have shown that the average milk yield has increased by 1000 litres per cow since 2001 (Dairy Co, 2011). This improved production has come despite ongoing issues with poor herd health and increased culling rates. The hidden costs such as mastitis, lameness and infertility all playing their part in challenging the modern dairy unit.

At SC Nutrition Ltd we carefully review every aspect of your daily husbandry – from occasional concerns to the more in-depth matters, finding your farms most profitable solutions. Herd nutrition and management is a key factor which can affect a dairy farms financial sustainability, and one which requires the involvement of all the members of a farm’s advisory team. By making accurate assessments of how the herd is managed and fed we can identify changes that will generate a positive impact on performance. Our approach to dairy nutrition uses not only the latest rationing advice but other more-holistic assessments of herd management and housing, coupled with a detailed record and data analysis. The result is an up to date and independent approach to compiling a bespoke action plan for each farm.

SC Nutrition Ltd will then, in collaboration with the farmer, implement and monitor the plan to solve many of the common herd management issues which prevent many farms achieving their businesses goals.

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