Herd Health 

Herd Health Do you feel that you are feeding your herd to their full genetic potential? Is the herd nutrition not producing the performance you or your nutritionist expected? Do you see cows leaving the herd, far too young having not made their full contribution in the herd? 

If so, you are not alone. In a recent study completed by Kingshay Farming Trust, over 35% of all culls happened far too early in an animal’s life. The main causes identified being Cow Infertility, Cow Lameness and Cow Mastitis Infections, with many of these problems beginning during the transition period. 

At S C Nutrition Ltd, we use a unique cow scoring technique to identify these ailments early on in the Cow’s Transition period, generating individual ideas and solutions tailored to solve these specific farm’s issues.

See how much you could save with a preliminary survey of your herd and informal chat.

“Since working with S C Nutrition Ltd our herd has gone from strength to strength. Their approach to maximising forage dry matter intake has given us a herd which is healthy, producing more milk and using lower amounts of purchased feeds.”

DC & WA Thomas

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