Increase Milk Yields 

 At SC Nutriton Ltd we would agree, that yield per cow is not the only factor involved in profitable milk production. That said, it is still one of the biggest drivers for a dairy herd increase to income. In the past, improvements in cow milk yield have been traditionally interlinked with high concentrate feed use. This is a thought process, we as a company, no longer agree with. 

Time and time again we have shown that increases in milk yield can equally come from improvements in forage quality and dry matter intakes. We have proven this idea to work independently of whether the cows are housed or intensively grazed.

Our ethos is centred around understanding the cow’s dry matter intake potential and how we can maximize this to exploit her ability to produce milk.

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“Since working with S C Nutrition Ltd our herd has gone from strength to strength. Their approach to maximising forage dry matter intake has given us a herd which is healthy, producing more milk and using lower amounts of purchased feeds.”

DC & WA Thomas

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