Creating solutions especially for the needs of your herd

Not every dairy farm is the same and there certainly is no one specific blueprint. For some businesses a low input, low output system makes the best use of a particular farm’s strengths, when quite the reverse can be found on a neighbouring dairy located only a short distance away.

For us, the whole process of understanding any herd is to walk the unit with the farmer, appreciating their hopes and dreams for their business and examining the pressures that they, their family and business face.

To achieve this, we work with the farmer and his farming team, formulating a plan to achieve their goals. From this leads a series of recommendations that are monitored over the first 6 months to make sure they are having the desired effect. This may often mean working with the farm vet, farm staff or even the current feed supplier in order to help the herd get the most from the daily effort that is needed on any dairy unit.

See how much you could save with a preliminary survey of your herd and informal chat.

“Since working with S C Nutrition Ltd our herd has gone from strength to strength. Their approach to maximising forage dry matter intake has given us a herd which is healthy, producing more milk and using lower amounts of purchased feeds.”

DC & WA Thomas

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