So how has this grazing season been for you so far….


Had it in abundance?? 👌

Getting a bit tight ?? 😬

Lacking in quality ?? 🤔

Had to buffer feed ?? 🙄

Ok lets talk grazing, with the cost of brought in feed ever rising, but milk price going up too we don’t want to just chuck some concentrate in to support yield, or consequently we do not want cows to be under supported and therefore start dropping back due to grass quality tailing.


So what can the SCN do to help you…
1. Consistent grass sampling to track quality and identify where your better fields are ✅
2. Help with your grazing rotation planning – does it need to be alternated in late summer? ✅
3. Winter forage budgeting ~ measuring your silage pits in order to budget for the winter and possibly starting to buffer feed now to maintain performance ✅
4. Review current concentrate in the diet, does it complement the current grass quality and support your milk contract requirements and stage of lactation ✅


If you feel you and your herd would benefit from any of these services get in contact with a member of the team today!
Healthy cows ~ Healthy Profits