/1ST CUT SILAGE 2022//

As we head closer to that winter ration and the lacking of fresh grass causing many 1st cut silage pits to be opened earlier than anticipated, the question turns too how is your grass silage looking and how is it feeding??🐮

On the teams travels a few queries we are getting is that silages are not feeding quite as well as it has analysed with slightly acidic and fibrous material causing difficultly with digestion in the rumen and an impact on milk yield.



As a nutritionist we can have the perfect ration on paper, however when it is fed to the cow she isn’t reflecting this through her performance, be that milk yield, milk quality, fertility etc…

So that is where the SCN team dive deeper through our practical on farm testing, with specific enthesis on rumen health to understand how the cow is digesting the ration which put in front of her. Other key areas that have to be closely monitored is frequent silage analysis, understanding each individuals farms feeding set ups and expectations/goals for the herd.

With each farm and their herd being so different it is imperative that we link the correct solution to that particular farm, be that introducing a rumen buffer, simply adjusting silage levels in the diet, focusing on cow comfort, reviewing silage making practices to ensure quality future crops or a combination of them all.

If you would like some advise on how to maximise your herds performance this autumn give us a call today on 07500205974 📞


Healthy cows ~ Healthy Profits