Currently in our third lockdown, as it is for everyone, group gatherings are a no go, which meant we could not arrange our usual SC Nutrition Ltd farmer meeting. However, February 2021 saw SC Nutrition Ltd (SCN)  host our first virtual farmer meeting!








We were delighted with a great turn out and hearing our expert speakers discuss all about improving silage-making through careful monitoring and the use of a trusted silage additive (Sil-All 4*4).  Each of our attendee’s also got at yummy treat box for taking the time out of their day to listen in!

SCN are passionate about improving herd forage  intakes to improve health, production and save the farmer money through less bought in feeds; this is becoming increasingly more valued with the current high feed prices.








The SCN team are very much looking forward to seeing everyone in person in the not to distant future (we hope!)…. Until then Zoom will do.