I am a son of a Cornish Dairy Farmer and studied at Seale-Hayne College and been involved in the cattle feed industry for the last 30 years.

I founded S C Nutrition Ltd with my wife Tracey in the spring of 2012. The company focuses on dairy cow nutrition, bringing innovative ideas to the South West of England farming industry.

Part of my work has involved travelling around the world to observe new agricultural practices; I have recently visited, Ireland, The United States of America, Canada, Cyprus, and India.  On these trips, especially to North America, I have seen the real benefits of understanding the importance of maximising forge dry matter intakes.  This subject area has become the backbone of S C Nutrition’s work aimed at improving dairy enterprise profitability.

My past responsibilities have including serving as a Senior Ruminant Nutritionist in The South West for both BOCM Pauls (now For Farmers) and Mole Valley Farmers.  I have also served as a European Consultant for Alltech.  My main responsibilities now rest with my own company, with the aim of building it into a team of Ruminant Advisors bringing new and innovative ideas to dairy farmers in the South West of England.