To ensure you have a pit full of quality maize this winter we have to make sure the maize being tipped in to the clamp has been given the best chance possible in order to be made into quality forage for your cows. So how does the SCN team work with you to achieve this???
1. Tracking dry matter of the standing maize will help identify the best time to cut.
2. Applying a proven maize additive.
3. Carrying out live PennState Separator Tests as your maize is being brought in, this is to make sure we have the correct chop length to maximise feed intakes.
With the rising costs of feed it is more important than ever that we utilise our home grown forages and getting the best quality we can to increase dry matter intakes and have less reliance on concentrates.
                                                        Working together to achieve “Healthy Cows ~ Healthy Profits”
Maize Testing
Maize Chop Length
Alltech - Maize Additive