We would like to invite you to submit your fixed price quotation, excluding VAT, for the requirements set out below by 20 August 2020.  Please show the fixed cost for the project and a breakdown of the costs and any additional charges that will be incurred after the development.  No costs other than those shown in the quotation will apply.  Your quotation must be valid for 90 days.

About Our Business

From its incorporation in April 2012, SC Nutrition Ltd works within the dairy and livestock industry.  By utilising comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, feed, forage and farm management the team brings a new approach to dairy farming, embracing both traditional and innovative methods to ensure herds perform to their maximum potential, whether intensively managed or extensively grazed.

Project Background

The aim for SC Nutrition is to have a more usable system for entering, storing and accessing data.  Currently a paper-based collection on farm, then manually inputted into a computer before being handed back to the farmer at a later date.  The idea would be to show more historic data and access trends easily.  Other data is downloaded from sites on-line and then looked at manually.  The ability to transfer this data into a usable format for trends would be beneficial.

Full project details are available on request.


SC Nutrition Ltd wishes to work with a company who can demonstrate high-level knowledge and expertise in one or more of the following areas, creating IT programs and interfaces, work with data analysis and understanding business growth.


  • A way to customise which pages of the reports are completed
  • Ability to expand to more pages and edit pages in the future
  • Ability to see or analyse trends in data
  • Work off-line
  • Work on laptop, tablet and phone
  • Take pictures – a space for pictures in the report, it would be useful if the program allowed to take the photo in the report rather than importing
  • Upload reports automatically when reach internet
  • Data entry pages to create the report pages

The Quote Award Criteria

Responses will be assessed as follows:-

Value for Money – 35%

Experience – 30% – must be able to demonstrate established expertise and a track record as a consultant (relevant to the brief)

Quality – 20% – previous similar examples of client consultancy delivered, any illustrative case studies and any commercial references to support

Credibility / Reputation 15% – provide examples of certifications, qualifications, memberships, professional recognition

All quote returns should include supporting evidence to demonstrate that the company is able to fulfil the quality requirements of the specification.


Quote Clarifications

Any clarification queries arising from this ITQ which may have a bearing on the offer should be raised with Emma Tristram (emma@scnutritionltd.com)

There will be no negotiation on any of the substantive terms of this ITQ document.  All clarifications need to be submitted by email.


SC Nutrition shall exclude the responder from participation in this procurement procedure where they have established or are otherwise aware that the organisation, to include administrative, management or supervisory staff that have powers of representation, decision or control of the applicant’s company, has been the subject of a conviction by final judgment of one of the following reasons:

  • Participation in a criminal organisation
  • Corruption
  • Fraud
  • Terrorist offences or offences linked to terrorist activities
  • Money laundering or terrorist financing
  • Child labour and other forms of trafficking in human beings

Submission Requirements

Responses should be submitted in electronic form and must comply with all requirements within this ITQ brief.

All ITQ returns must include a covering letter setting out the following;

  • That the company has the resources available to meet the requirements outlined in the brief.
  • That the company is able to meet the Corporate Requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions which apply to purchase orders for services, which by the Business’ interpretation meet the corporate definition for consultancy
  • That the Consultant will provide the relevant policy documentation if requested.
  • The company shall provide confirmation that all insurance policies (including professional indemnity) and any industry specific qualifications, certificates or licenses required to practice your profession are current and if they are due to expire during the course of the commission to provide renewal notices prior to their expiry date(s).
  • A single point of contact for all communication between the Company and SC Nutrition Ltd during the ITQ selection process.

ITQ Returns

Latest date to be returned: 20 August 2020 Latest time to be returned: 17:00hours

Responses should be sent electronically to: Emma Tristram (emma@scnutritionltd.com)

ITQ Assessment (as applicable)

Subject to satisfactory evidence (that the corporate requirements are able to be satisfied, the tender return will be assessed on the basis of cost and quality, using the scoring criteria/percentages referred to in section 4).

ITQ Award

Any contract awarded as a result of this process will be in accordance with the attached Terms and Conditions.


Please note that by providing us with a quotation you agree to be bound by SC Nutrition Ltd, Terms and Conditions which are available on request.  These will apply to any Purchase Order awarded upon receipt of a satisfactory quotation.  No other terms and conditions will apply.



No information contained in this specification or in any communication made between SC Nutrition Ltd and any supplier in connection with this specification shall be relied upon as constituting a contract, agreement or representation that any contract shall be offered in accordance with this specification.  SC Nutrition Ltd reserves the right to change without notice the basis of, or the procedures for, the competitive tendering process or to terminate the process at any time.  Under no circumstances shall SC Nutrition Ltd incur any liability in respect of this specification or any supporting documentation.

Responders must obtain for themselves, at their own responsibility and expense, all information necessary for the preparation of their responses.  Information supplied to the responders by SC Nutrition Ltd or any information contained in SC Nutrition Ltd publications is supplied only for general guidance in the preparation of the tender response.  Responders must satisfy themselves by their own investigations as to the accuracy of any such information and no responsibility is accepted by SC Nutrition Ltd  for any loss or damage of whatever kind and howsoever caused arising from the use of such information.

Responders shall be responsible for their own costs and expenses in connection with or arising out of their response.  SC Nutrition Ltd reserves the right not to award the contract to the company who has the highest score under the scoring assessment set out above.

You will accept the SC Nutrition Ltd Terms and Conditions of Business.


Queries about the Procurement

SC Nutrition Ltd will not enter into detailed discussion of the requirements at this stage.  Any questions about the procurement should be submitted by e-mail to the contact stated. If the SC Nutrition Ltd considers any question or request for clarification to be of such significance that all potential suppliers who have responded should be made aware of it, both the query and the response will be communicated to them, in a suitably anonymous form.  All responses received and any communication from service providers will be treated in confidence.