Ration Cost Reduction At SC Nutrition Ltd, we believe profitable dairy performance comes from balanced and accurate nutrition. To enable us to accomplish this we use the latest ration techniques and software. We employ the use of rationing programs such as Ultramix, Dietcheck and CPM (Cornell, Penn, Minner, from the USA) and Plurimix to analyse all aspects of a herd’s nutrition whether it is energy requirements or mineral status. We couple this with the use of our on-farm assessments to specifically identify the amount of food the cow is consuming and whether she is making best use of it. Behind all of this analytical work is our pure belief that a cow works best when consuming large amounts of forage, whether she is producing 10,000 or 5000 litres of milk. It is both a cheaper way to produce milk for the farmer and a healthier way to produce milk for the cow. Give us a call on 01872 278058 so we can tell you about this approach……..See how much you could save with a preliminary survey of your herd and informal chat.Book your FREE no
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“Since working with S C Nutrition Ltd our herd has gone from strength to strength. Their approach to maximising forage dry matter intake has given us a herd which is healthy, producing more milk and using lower amounts of purchased feeds.” DC & WA Thomas

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