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Our Philosophy Our belief is that many of the problems faced by the modern dairy unit have many causes. Yes, feed has it’s part to play in this, but other issues such as herd health, cow comfort, animal genetics and general herd management are as equally important. These complex factors can only be truly investigated using a detailed, structured and logical approach to their analysis. At SC Nutrition Ltd we pride ourselves in understanding these challenges are best solved using all the available expertise in the Industry. This approach has lead us to using expertise from Ireland, Canada, USA as well as many of our own educational establishments at home in here in the UK. This practical-technical approach has yielded many solutions for our customers, answers that would not been arrived at with a more hands-off theoretical approach to herd assessment.

Flexible Working Options Due to the complex nature of the dairy farming business we operate a flexible approach to supporting our clients. Our working relationship can be in one of three types: 1.  As a traditional feed supplier with the appropriate advice given for the products purchased 2.  A fee based relationship, where no product is required, , giving full independence to any managerial decisions made 3.  A half-way house where both product support and fee based advice are involved This approach gives us full flexibility to work with a client and tailor our relationship to that particular farmer’s requirements. Initial Free Consultation This whole analysis process starts with a free consultation, lasting 30-45 minutes. Once we have met the farm team we can identify the key objectives of your dairy business. There is no cost to this initial visit. To book your consultation today either email Steve at or telephone him on 07718086911How We Work Our initial approach is to come and talk to you about your dairy farming business. After our first visit, we normally arrange a date and time, convenient to you, to return and carry out a series of tests and observations. Once we have all the data we need, we can formalise our findings via a written report, outlining key areas to focus on. This information is our reference base when we revisit the farm to discuss our findings with your management team. Not Tied To One Supplier SC Nutrition Ltd is a business built on technical analysis of dairy herds, based around the principle of supplying core inputs used on a dairy farm. Currently these key elements include bulk feeds from Crediton Milling, mineral inputs from Premier Nutrition and forage inoculants, using the services of Trevor Birchall Agriculture. The significance we attach to these key supplier relationships reflects our focused stance on animal nutrition, health and forage quality.

Steve Chapman

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Seale-Hayne College


“I have always been passionate about farming, particularly the dairy industry. I have more recently, from using my experience and travel, appreciated the capabilities of this remarkable animal called a Dairy Cow. The dairy industry has a great future in this country and I am certainly looking forward to working with some of the best dairy farmers in the world, which can be found right here in the United Kingdom……“

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“Since working with S C Nutrition Ltd our herd has gone from strength to strength. Their approach to maximising forage dry matter intake has given us a herd which is healthy, producing more milk and using lower amounts of purchased feeds.”


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